Dog Blog! Tips for Teething Dogs!

Dog Blog! Tips for Teething Dogs!

Two words that will completely help keep your dog from biting on everything! Everyone reading this that has dogs completely understands the words "dog teething" in the most unforgettable way!

Dog Toys!  Dog Chews!

There I said it! Ok four words? Yes, dog toys and dog chews will help keep your pet home, a happy pet home with your fur baby kids! Here's a quick tip on preventing your dog from biting and chewing up everything you own.

Dog Toys! Dog Chews! Dogs are not our human children but they are our fur baby kiddos, correct? Well they respond in the same manner as our human babies. I mean if I didnt give my kiddo lots of toys(shes blessed, not spoiled lol) she would not flourish and thrive into the well rounded little girl that she has grown up to be. Where would her imagination outlet go? How well would her motor skills be? Dogs need that nourishment as well. They need outlets for play, teething and fun. Heres the short low down!

First, get your dog 3 types of toys. Crunchy, squeaky, rubbery, ropes, soft cuddly, soft cuddly with squeaks. I recommend at least 9-12 to start out. There are so many to choose from. Each day you will want to rotate out the 3 toys to keep them from getting bored. Literally switch them out each day! Your dog will like certain ones. Its important to figure out the ones they like and add new ones as well. They could change their minds.( Always be there to oversee your dog playing with toys. Don't leave them in a kennel with the dog)

Second, get your dog 3 different chews. Chews as in raw antler, duck feet, pig ears, cow ears, tendons, salmon skin, duck neck to name a few. Each day you will want to switch out the 3 chews so they don't get bored. Literally switch them out! And the same goes for the chews. Your dog will like certain ones but its important to keep adding the others in. They may change their minds. This you can leave in the kennel with them during the day while you are gone as long as the size is bigger then their mouths so they don't get choked.

If you give your dogs something they can chew I promise you they will be much happier and you will to. Dogs have a tendency to chew, especially during teething time. If you provide an outlet for them they are less likely to chew up as much stuff. Its a natural thing for dogs. So change up your routine with the no's and say yes with Toys and Chews! Stop saying no and start saying Yes!

If you would like to purchase my dog training videos that will teach you how to fully train your dog and also use the toys and chews in a more detailed training session click the link! You will follow along with one of our dogs 14 day journey to dog training. Each day will give you detailed instruction on how to train you dog! All you have to do is watch each day and start applying it day one.



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