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14 Days Basic Obedience Dog Training

14 Days Basic Obedience Dog Training

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What do your Pets need other then Toys? Foundations that lead them to happy living with their human parents!

You will be able to watch and learn from day one as we take a journey through a pups actual training progress. 14 Days and you will see the transformation right before your very eyes! You might even get some bloopers too!!

You will be able to watch how the commands are done, what to do and not do. We incorporate training with lots of love and treats. Not aggressive tactics.

  • You will get about 38 videos with one of our puppies in Training. Your dog will get the Fundamentals in basic obedience which means they will be taught the following:
  • Intro to leash, Play, Foundation to a gentle dog, Sit, down, here,  kennel, leave it ,name recognition, touch, look at me, place, stay, stay with duration, go get it, bring it, drop it, stay with distance, intro leash walking, expand the leave it command, stay with distraction,
  • Most importantly they will learn the marker words “yes” and “ok”. Which are the basic two words to your dog knowing they are doing what you want. Dogs are always wanting to please their human parents and this my friend is the key to talking to your dogs!
  • This will come as downloadable link. Please provide your name and email upon checking out.


  • All you have to do is watch the videos provided each day. Each day comes with several videos to watch and learn. You will be provided a down loadable 12 day Sits and Wiggles Dog Training packet to check off your commands each practiced training session through the day.  Dogs learn in steps. So each day is a step by step, day by day process to basic training your dog.  You just apply your training with your pup or adult dog after viewing each days videos. Its that simple! 

Yes in 14 days it is possible to train your own dog in basic obedience.  Take time out several times a day to practice what they have learned each day. Use situation times to continue their training through out the day. You will get lots of tips along the way! Rest assured, if you follow the dog training guidelines and work with your pup a few minutes, several times each day, including situational training(which is basically when your dog is in action of the misbehavior), You will be well on your way to a happy, healthy, relationship with mans best friend!

 A dogs training is only as good as their trainer! 

****Be sure to keep up with training your dog after the 14 days!  Although some dogs learn at a slower pace and may need more time on a certain command, you will get the basics and understanding as to how your dog thinks and how to train for a well behaved dog. Patience and love goes along way in your training. This is a great add on to Supplies your Pets need!

***And as always dog train at your own risk. We are not Responsible for any damages or claims. By purchasing this product you agree that you are taking full responsibility and hold us harmless there in and deem us not Accountable for any and all things that may happen after the purchase of this dog training video ***.I train in a loving respectful way using treats and redirection. No abuse is used in my training.

Check out our video session of our very own Coco Bijou and my little girl …partner in crime trainer, to give you hope and show you if my little girl who’s 9, can do it so can you!!!

 We thank you so much and hope you enjoy! Please come back and check out our kids clothing, Toys and more pets supplies! Blessings!!


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