Toys Galore Plus More!! And...For Pets Sake! Adding Pet Supplies, was a piece of cake!!

          Your Family Kingdom! Toys for both girls and boys! 

               Our favorite Pet  Supplies and More are right at your front door!

We have included things such as Special Needs Toys, lego harry potter, Lego Star Wars, you can look for a remote control car or a Pop It Fidget Toy, but we also thought of your Pet Supplies as well because our growing family includes our Pets! So you can even search for Easy Clean Rabbit Cages! All at your finger tips in one location! is right at your front door.

 Dog Training Department!


Check out our Dog Training tip videos  while you wait for our products to load!

Be sure to Grab your 14 Day Basic Obedience Program. Coco is 12months old. I love this treat pouch which has a magnetic closure. You can find it at Wildebeest for 15% off your first buy with using PALACEKIDS15 at the check out!       


My kiddo at age 8 helped train Coco Bijou. She Watched and followed my training techniques and taught Coco several things that I have not. All she did was apply what she learned. She’s 9 now and Coco Bijou listens to her as well as me! Our Dog Training Videos and Dog Tip Videos will give you the knowledge it takes to train your very own dog! Why pay thousands when you can do it yourself. It just takes spending time with your dog! Check her out in action! She Rocks it! 

Dog Training with the Right Treats!


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